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Homes Cure Homelessness

Episode Summary

John Maceri discusses how domestic violence contributes to homelessness and the importance of affordable, permanent housing for all.

Episode Notes

Welcome back to The Right To Shower, where we believe access to cleanliness is a fundamental human right. This week, host Darius Baxter is joined by the CEO of The People Concern, John Maceri. Together, the pair explore the complexities of homelessness and domestic violence, as well as some of the evidence-based solutions The People Concern provides. John touches on what inspired his love of helping others and shares his insights on the best ways to go about community outreach. Plus, hear why affordable housing is so important - and not just for those experiencing homelessness.

Cleanliness is a fundamental right and no one should ever feel like they don’t have access to a way to get clean. To learn more about opportunities to volunteer or donate please visit Please also consider buying our shower products on our website or through Amazon. Every soap you buy and shower you take, helps us bring showers to the streets.

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